Webroot Secure Anywhere

Firstly, Why Webroot and not another AV solution?


Bluetech always does its research into current products to offer the best solution at the best price Webroot covered both of these aspects with ease. Below is a statement about Passmark a benchmark software solution showing Webroot against its competitors.


PassMark Software® are an independent performance testing company who conduct objective performance testing. During July and August 2015 they tested eight security software products, on Windows 8.1 (64-bit). The report below presents their results and findings as a result of performance benchmark testing conducted for these endpoint security products.

The performance metrics are based on:

  • Installation Time;

  • Installation Size;

  • Boot Time;

  • CPU Usage during Idle;

  • CPU Usage during Scan;

  • Memory Usage during System Idle;

  • Memory Usage during Initial Scan;

  • Scheduled Scan Time;

  • Browse Time;

  • File Copy, Move, and Delete;

  • File Compression and Decompression;

  • File Write, Open, and Close;

  • Network Throughput.


PassMark Software assigned every product a score depending on its ranking in each metric compared to other products in the same category. In the following table the highest possible score attainable has been normalized to 100. This would be the score given if a product attained first place in all thirteen metrics. Endpoint products have been ranked by their overall scores:

Full Passmark Report:


Q: Webroot is clearly ahead of its rivals, but why go through Bluetech and not direct to Webroot themselves?

A: Bluetech contacted Webroot and through a series of meetings managed to agree a fair price for the product. This enables us to not only offer you a great deal but also a dedicated management team and management package, this enables us to monitor and maintain multiple Clients and the individual machines of those clients ensuring all machines are protected without adding to your local IT's workload.

Q: I have a company containing over 87 machines (Laptops, Desktops, Servers, VMs, Tablets, Etc.), let me guess I need to get a 100 Seat license wasting money on those 13 nonexistent machines right?

A: No, Bluetech offers the ability to ask for any number of seat license but will only ever charge you for the Used Seats so in this scenario you may have 100 seats but will only be charged for the 87 used licenses and can use the 13 other seats when your company grows and expands.